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Located at
341 Country Club Road
Chadron, NE  69337

The Dawes County Historical Museum is dedicated to the preservation of the history of the Northwest portion of Nebraska it calls home.  The Museum Grounds include the log house and barn, 1890s schoolhouse, pioneer church and C & NW caboose.  The 9,000 square foot Museum houses an impressive collection of area antiques including displays of a general store, a hospital room, blacksmith tools, farm machinery, vintage quilts, a railroad room, and more.  These exhibits provide insight into a simpler time
The Museum is located on the site of the original 160 acre farm of Nellie and Lee Card three miles southwest of Chadron.  The farm was bequeathed to the Dawes County Historical Society in 1970 by Newman Card, the last surviving son of his parents.  The Dawes County Historical Society has operated since 1964.  The Dawes County Historical Museum is staffed entirely by volunteers, most of whom are members of the Society.  No Admission is charged to visit the Museum, but donations are accepted.
History In Action Day
Museum's History in Action Day, an annual museum event which takes place on the second Sunday in September.  Other Demonstrations include butter churning, carding and wool spinning, apple cider making, and rope making.  Fun for the whole family includes wagon an buggy rides, horse shoe pitching, music played on a pump organ, and the viewing of a videotape of the first movie filmed in Nebraska.
In 1893, nine cowboys charged out of Chadron to begin the 1,000 Mile Horse Race which ended 14 days later at Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show in Chicago.  The race became one of the most famous and longest horse races ever performed.  The Museum exhibits memorabilia donated by the descendants of the declared winner of the race and maintains archives pertaining to the event.

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